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A landscape gardener that provides excellent value and professional service as well as creative eye for beauty isn’t always easy to find. At Great Northern Landscapes we not only love what we do, but we also take a great deal of pride in the quality of our landscape gardener service and the high standards of our work. Here are some examples of projects we’ve recently completed.

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Large Pillar Front Entrance

Striking pillars and hedges front fence with a wrought iron gateway leading to a paved courtyard with grand staircase and bush Rock retaining walls. This traditional design utilised a wide variety of materials such as the small format marble pavers in the courtyard, the local basalt rock for the retaining walls and limestone capping. The project was finished with Sir Walter turf and the garden beds have beautiful magnolias (little gem), port wine magnolia, Gardenias, variegated Liriope and Dietes for the borders.


Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Wall with Steps

Hardwood sleeper retaining wall with side steps and large turfed area with Sir Walter buffalo. This 20m long wall was finished nicely with a luxurious green carpet of Sir Walter turf delivered by Richmond Sand and Gravel Lismore. The steps are a functional yet appealing addition to this landscaping with a generous amount of crushed yellow quartz going into each. With a background of Norfolk Island Pines this backyard now has a very majestic feel to it.


Masonry Retaining Walls and Staircases

A series of retaining walls and staircases made from stackable concrete retaining wall blocks and concrete pavers The customer needed to replace all their old, rotten timber walls with something that would “last forever”. A cost effective solution was agreed upon in the form of Adbri masonry blocks. The end result? A happy customer with a strong set of maintenance free walls and unique stairs that add interest to the completed landscaping.


Pool Coping and Paving

Landscaping around a 9m long fibreglass pool. Our assignment was to install a pool coping and 80m2 of paving around the customer's newly installed pool. The chosen material was Travertine stone pavers which were 600mm x 400mm. After the paving was complete, we built a concrete channel around 3 sides of the paving to drain water away. This was then finished with River pebble. The end product is a delightful, expansive paved area that will be great for entertaining poolside.


Enclosed Limestone steps

Enclosed Limestone steps and balustrade with large square pillars. Attention to detail was of primary importance with this landscaping construction. The use of a dark, rusty finished tile on the walls and faces allowed the limestone to truly ‘pop’ out at you. The small brass LED step lights make this grand staircase even more impressive in the evening. A signature build from Great Northern Landscapes.


Basalt Bush Rock Wall

Basalt bush Rock is one of the most common materials we work with, and for good reason. It's local, it's strong and if done right, it looks great. Here we have a wall constructed from large pieces of bush rock which was sourced from the property where it was built. Some of the rocks were too large to manhandle so we enlisted the help of a tractor! Our team achieved another great result.

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